Morgan & Mallet
family office management services

We offer our customers an individual solution, focusing on their real property, in order to ensure property administration, management, logistical support, administrative management, tax regulation and accounting of their property throughout the world. 

We act as a manager and sole representative of each owner, ensuring the selection, integration and coordination of various kinds of activities related to their real property (household staff, maintenance personnel, security personnel, contractors, architect, lawyer, decorator, administrative officer, insurance company agent, notary, accountant, engineer for the organization of operation and repair of housing). 

Our teams also provide housekeeping services for the period of absence and presence of owners at the place of residence (internal and external maintenance, supply and preparation of property and household staff). 

Our Family Office invests in management and logistic support of property on behalf of clients residing and not residing in the residence, individuals,  HNW & UHNW families, sovereign funds, investment funds, institutions and private banks. 

Morgan & Mallet Family Office has the power to manage a wide variety of property (apartments, mansions, detached houses, villas, country houses, wineries, rural and hunting farms, castles, cottages, private islands, diplomatic and royal residences, ranches and stables). 

We advise and support our clients in the provision of services that are most suitable for meeting their needs at their discretion. Each individual case, depending on the property status, is studied in detail in order to determine the possibility of providing the appropriate and most suitable management and maintenance services. 

We also offer tools for monitoring, guidance and support in the decision-making and creation of a system for processing and calculation of costs and expenses of all property items.

Family Office for servicing your property

Our clients turn to our Family Office in order to entrust us the management and servicing of their real property in complete safety and tranquility. Our « Family Office managers » provide personalized services at the place of residence of each client.

  • Tax regulation (payment of charges and taxes, orientation and optimization)
  • Accounting (accounting, reporting, cost optimization, consolidation of items on a balance sheet, budgetary control, checking cost estimates, request for proposal)
  • Administrative management (mail, filing applications for obtaining various permits (passes), insurance, monthly reporting, power of attorney for participation in meetings of co-owners) 
  • Managing subcontractors, supervision and support by an architect in the course of performance of works (construction and reconstruction), project monitoring and interior finishing
  • Household staff management (management, planning, recruitment, training, payroll sheet, tax return)
  • Management of internal and external servicing (housekeeping, gardening, maintenance of adjacent territories and facades, pool, home laundry, dressing room, wine cellar, food warehouses, inventory, flower decor).
  • Logistics management (accommodation of dwellers upon their arrivals, transport management, delivery, transportation and taking taking of pieces of art).
  • Management of cars.
  • Ensuring security (video surveillance, warning alarm and security service)
  • Management, support and monitoring of real estate transactions (sale and lease for a year or seasonal lease)
  • Transportation (arrangement of moving, searching for real estate, assistance with settling)
  • General management of reconstruction or construction project implementation
  • Guidance, transportation and assistance in purchasing of a collection of pieces of art or furniture.
  • Management and maintenance of property during a transition period (inheritance, imposition of a legal or judicial distraint …)
  • Expert evaluation and optimization of property
  • Support of property design and audit
  • Establishment of relations and representation before administrative instituations of each country
  • Family mediation
  • Legal support
  • Additional services (event management, etc.) ​

Estate Managers Team

The key objective of our Family Office is to provide high-quality management services and financial services for real estate on behalf of HNW and UHNW International clients owning one or more exclusive real estate properties.

The experience of Morgan & Mallet Family Office in inheritance management has been successful due to the joint actions and values of its creators, Laurine Mallet Graff and Morgan Richez.

With its team of employees who are located in several countries, Morgan & Mallet Family Office currently has a significant number of real estate.

Our employees speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian and travel throughout the world to give advice.

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