Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance

Morgan & Mallet Family Office will service the interior of your property.

We hire professional service specialists (maids, housekeepers and technicians) to ensure that your property is in good condition and that the work has been carried out at a high level. We will take care of offering you people who meet your needs to the fullest.

The service « maintenance and repair » combines home service, laundry, keeping bed clothes in good order, clothes care, inventory of your valuables, washing windows, electrician services and full reporting on each of the aspects.

Interior servicing includes the preservation in good condition of your property, be it any surfaces, floors, walls or furniture and decorative objects, such as pieces of art that are located the room.

This service is performed by trained specialists in servicing, people with experience and qualifications necessary for comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

In addition, Morgan & Mallet Family Office works with qualified specialists who have the most appropriate methods, using the appropriate cleaning products for cleaning certain materials and floors (bronze, silver, glass, wood, leather, ceramics, etc.) and other types of floors (marble, antique parquet, polished concrete, etc.).

The maintenance of indoor premises is carried out daily, what is necessary to maintain an impeccable order in the house before the arrival of the owners and to restore order before their departure.

In order to make your stay more enjoyable, we also provide daily service. Our team of specialists will thoroughly clean your glass, stained-glass windows, windows, tiles and veranda.

All the household staff 
are recruited by Morgan & Mallet Family Office, based on their personal knowledge and skills, as well as on the experience of quality cleaning.

You also have the opportunity to use your own household staff, entrusting us only with leadership, management and administrative management.

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