Household Staff

household staff

Morgan & Mallet Family Office provides its clients with the opportunity to hire personnel to work in the house or simply entrust the management of personnel to our office. Thanks to our recognized experience in the field of recruiting of household personnel, we have all the necessary tools and the most appropriate and updated methods making it possible to select the best candidates. Real estate managers of Morgan & Mallet Family Office prepare and submit a manual with instructions and rules for keeping the house to all personnel, in accordance with your recommendations and the protocol of functioning of the house. Our real estate managers regularly visit your house to monitor the work done. We also install, transport and purchase pieces of art and furniture and take care of the delivery and receipt of parcels. We take care of your pets and trust them to the appropriate and competent household staff (nanny for dogs) during your absence. By your arrival, we can provide you with a driver service in order to take you house.


Morgan & Mallet Family Office offers you to hire or manage your household personnel. You can be the employer yourself or let us solve this problem. Our experience enables us to manage the household staff on a daily basis as a “Household / Real Estate Manager”. We control all the work relating to servicing and maintenance of your property. We constantly organize meetings for you and get ready for your arrival in advance. (planning holidays)

Personnel placement and organization of your real estate

Our teams of House Steward organize the maintenance of your house to provide you with qualified, prompt and effective assistance by your arrival and during your absence. We draw up a “Book of Protocols” with rules and description of the responsibilities of each household worker.

Administrative aspect

Morgan & Mallet Family Office offers to take on the administrative part of the work with your household staff. We can conclude labor contracts, pay taxes and social charges.


We form household personnel from experienced and qualified workers and teachers. We work with a team of instructors who have experience of working at a private house, who skillfully transfer their knowledge and skills to the future staff. You can trust Morgan & Mallet Family Office to train your current and new employees. All workers who have completed training acquire the skills necessary for the proper functioning of private property. Being quite efficient, they are ready to take a new position or start a new job. Household staff recruitmentMorgan & Mallet Family Offiсе takes care of hiring your household staff (house steward, housekeeper, chef, nanny, driver …) for your house with the help of our recruitment agency for recruiting household personnel Morgan & Mallet International.

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