Vehicle Fleet Management

cars collection management

Morgan & Mallet Family Office ensures proper management of your private fleet and the maintenance of your vehicles. Our teams are professionals in the field of mechanics and experts in different brands and models of cars.

They will take care of your, both collection and modern cars. They carry out regular maintenance, inspection, repair of your cars, and can also be your drivers.

Each specialist has at his/her disposal the technical specification of your vehicles and a maintenance schedule for their washing and polishing.

We carry out for you the maintenance of all your cars (full refueling of the tank with gasoline, storage of necessary documents …), technical control, payment of taxes for road transport and all types of insurance.

We also provide communication between suppliers (cars with carriage body, repairs) and orders for cleaning products and oils. Trusting the management of your car fleet to Morgan & Mallet Family Office, you will ensure the safe storage, maintenance and use of your vehicles.

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