Inventory taking and valuables management

Argenterie - Morgan&Mallet

Our team of experts of Morgan & Mallet Family Office performs encrypted inventory taking and evaluation of your property, pieces of art and valuables with all due care and confidentiality.

​A detailed description of their condition is regularly checked against the list prepared for each item.

With the help of inventory taking, you can not only get a complete list of items, but also provide evidence of their availability, authenticity and value.

We monthly classify items by drawing up tables using computer, in which we list your items (ancient and modern paintings, drawings, sculptures …) by topics and typologies (property value, size and creation date).

Inventory taking can also be very useful for listing and classification of all works and in the future for possible searching for an item among many databases of lost or stolen items.

Morgan & Mallet Family Office will take care of your property, ensuring complete security for it.

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