Management and control of pieces of art

Control of pieces of art

Our specialists and experts in the field of art and furniture will fully listen to your wishes. Depending on your property, we study your needs and provide you with the following management services:

  • Guarding your pieces of art by guards
  • Moving your valuables between your estates, clearance and porto-franco
  • Installation and control of alarm system
  • Keeping your pieces of art
  • Inventory and reporting by objects

Purchasing of pieces of art and furniture

We work with highly qualified and experienced art consultants who will guide you through the following stages:

  • Purchasing
  • Assembly
  • Sale
  • Negotiation in respect of a purchase
  • Sale of pieces of art
  • Getting acquainted with artists and designs
  • Negotiation on fees
  • Development and management
  • Cataloguing and research
  • Report on the condition
  • Importing and exporting works of great value
  • Placing paintings in a gallery for a short and long terms
  • Organization of an exhibition, guidance and public relations
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