Safety and Security

Security agent

Morgan & Mallet Family Office takes care of the safety and security of your property.

To ensure security in your house, we put a team of professionals at your disposal, as well as a surveillance service that will ensure peace of mind for you and your family at the place of residence.

The security service includes professional experienced employees working in the field of guarding property and people. They ensure a peaceful and safe stay for owners when they are at home or in their absence.

The security service ensures surveillance and monitoring of the house, watching the adjacent territory.

The best way to protect property is to establish monitoring first and inspect all the premises in order to analyze the possible risk of entry after that.
This work is carried out by the teams of Morgan & Mallet Family Office, who work with professional and qualified employees, ensuring security and monitoring of private property.

This task is performed based on one or several times per month, but regularly and constantly.

We offer the following different services in the field of monitoring:

  • video surveillance, making it possible to instantly monitor what is happening in your house and perform continuous video recording
  • inspection by guards who make rounds with or without dogs
  • Regular rounds of guards necessary to check compliance with regulations and possible malfunctions in the house
  • connection to and supervision of technical devices to ensure their serviceability
  • keeping a register of technical specifications
  • visual inspection of the interior and adjacent territory
  • control when opening gates, doors and windows
  • checking for the absence of animals that could harm
  • participation in any emergency and every time after bad weather

Morgan & Mallet Family Office offers the service to order for your house or your real estate objects.

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